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IN 2000-S


High Accuracy - Low noise over wide operating temperature range.

Fluxgate technology reinvented.

Main characteristics:

  • Nominal AC & DC current measurement of 2000 A
  • Excellent linearity, better up to 3 ppm over temperature range
  • Very low offset over temperature range up to 10 ppm
  • Low noise level, less than 50 ppm peak-peak
  • One compact package



  • DC, AC pulse currents' measurements with galvanic isolation
  • New Fluxgate technology (LEM patent)
  • Electrostatic shield between primary and secondary circuit
  • Power supply +/- 15 V
  • Operating temperature range from -40 to +85°C
  • D-Sub 9 male interface output
  • Current output
  • Flat or vertical panel mounting
  • 200 turns test winding


Standard compliance:

  • Latest industrial standards for typical applications:
    • Feedback element in high performance gradient amplifiers for MRI
    • Feedback element in high precision, high stability power supplies
    • Medical equipment (proton-therapy...)
    • Energy measurement, metering
    • Power measurement & analysis
    • Calibration units, laboratories...
    • Test and Measurement equipment
    • High precision drives



  • Current overload capability
  • Additional output indicating the transducer state
  • A LED shows normal operation
  • Expected to accommodate round primary conductors of 70 mm diameter

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Model Expand Primary
Voltage (V)
Accuracy (%) Mounting
IN 2000-S expand 2000 A 3000 A 1000 mA 15-15 Bi 0.005 Panel
  Technology: Closed loop Fluxgate IN type