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Energy & Automation

Solutions for energy management, process automation and control


Electrical signals are the power source for all manufacturing processes, machines and systems. In addition they enable the fast and reliable supervision of equipment and facilities. Integrated transducers from LEM take this a step further and provide your complete process with increased control and reactivity.


These applications are related to different end-user profiles:

  • Machine and panel builders
  • System integrators / engineering
  • Factory maintenance and safety services
  • Energy service companies and facility management

LEM integrated transducers combine advanced sensing technologies and signal conditioning of electronic circuits (True RMS, industry standard outputs e.g. 0-5/10 V or 4-20 mA, active energy calculation, threshold detection, specific failure detection, etc.) in addition to integration of communication functions.


In the face of global climate change and dwindling natural resources, careful and intelligent energy management is of critical importance. Advanced measuring of energy parameters lead to a reduction of consumption. Cutting-edge Battery Monitoring results in an instant and reliable backup power supply. They can both go a long way to addressing these concerns.


The Sentinel is the most comprehensive transducer for monitoring batteries for critical systems. The Sentinel monitors voltage, impedance and temperature of each individual cell and provides and transmits vital information on the state of health of each battery.



The Wireless Local Energy Meter (Wi-LEM) is quick and easy to install and is a complete sub-metering platform for energy monitoring. With its compact size, the Wi-LEM is suitable for limited cabinet space and is flexible to be put anywhere within the cabinet. It is scalable and easy to add on to additional meters if needed. Various electrical parameters are measured and transmitted through a wireless Zigbee-based mesh network.