Voltage Transducers and Sensors

LEM offers a wide range of voltage transducers (also called voltage sensors) to allow isolated measurement of voltage. The broad range of products measures voltage from 10 V to 6.4 kV, with a variety of technologies including Hall Effect,Fluxgate and insulating digital.

Measuring Voltage using Hall Effect, Fluxgate or coreless Sensors

Voltage can be measured using current sensor to measure the small current flowing due to the voltage applied to a circuit with a large resistance. This current can be measured by an optimised Hall Effect or fluxgate sensor or an air-core transducer based on digital technology. In practice the resistance is often split into two with the Hall Effect transducer in the middle to improve common mode rejection.

Fluxgate technologies offer a higher accuracy, high performance voltage measuring with a larger bandwidth, while closed-loop Hall Effect and insulating digital sensors are cost-effective, general-purpose solutions to measuring voltage.

More information

For more information about different current transducer technologies, download Isolated Current and Voltage Transducers: Characteristics, Applications, Calculations.
To find a voltage sensor for your application, visit the LEM Voltage Transducer and Sensor Selector Tool.