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LF xx10 Series

Current transducers break new ground in accuracy over the temperature range.


HO: a range of choices

High performance, cost effective, current transducers with dedicated overcurrent detection pin.


- HO Series

Digitally program functions and parameters of the HO series for current measurements from 2.67 to 25 A nominal.


- HO 6, 10 & 25 -P Series

PCB mounted, contactless


- HO 40...150-NP Series

PCB mounted, multirange integrated primary conductor


- HO 60...250-P Series

PCB mounted, contactless


- HO 50...250-S Series

Panel mounted, contactless


HLSR Series

Low-cost 50 A current transducers improve on shunt measurement techniques.


DVL voltage

Navigate your voltage measurement towards LEM’s new generation of compact power saving voltage transducers, DVL series from 50 VRMS to 2000 VRMS.

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