LEM Automotive is specialized in developing and manufacturing electronics transducers that measure electrical parameters in battery-management, motor-control applications, DC/DC converters and on-board chargers.

LEM Automotive works with all the major car, bus, trucks manufacturers and Tier-1 suppliers in the world.



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Automotive Motor Control

By controlling the current in energy-intensive applications, LEM participates in the global effort to reduce overall energy consumption.

Typical applications for automotive transducers include:

  • Standard battery monitoring
  • Hybrid and EV battery pack current sensing
  • Fuel cell current control
  • DC/DC converters and AC/DC inverters
  • Hybrid and EV motor inverter drives
  • EPS and X-by-wire applications
  • Electric compressors for air conditioning

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APPLICATIONS Auto Motor Control

Main applications for Motor Control and Energy Converter management are:

Electric and hybrid vehicle motor converter

Production of electric and hybrid vehicles is increasing. Both have power motors (50kW or more) and use 3 to 6 phase inverters to drive the traction and generator motors precisely and reliably. The trend is to opt for high frequency and smooth wave forms, which is fuelling demand for fast current sensors. There are two distinct market needs:

For standard products such as HC5/HC6, HAH1DRW, HAH3 family HC16F and HC5FW family

For a full custom solution which fits with the mechatronic approach (HAH3, HAH2 dedicated shape)

If you would like further information regarding electric hybrid vehicle motor converters, please do not hesitate to contact our technical staff, who will be happy to advise you about LEM’s standard and custom solutions in this field.

Other motor inverters

There is a huge volume of various motors that require current sensing. Typical applications include power steering, brake by wire, active suspension and electric compressors with currents that can vary from 20A up to 200A. LEM provides a whole range of products to cover these applications within the HC2 family. We are currently working on innovative standard and custom solutions that are due to be launched in the coming months.

DC/DC power converters

Environmentally-friendly cars and trucks require different levels of voltage; most loads run under 12V or 24V while the traction motors need a much higher voltage. There is a need to build efficient step-up and step-down converters in the car to make these different voltages available. The tendency is to have high frequency resonant converters which need fast current transducers.

The HC5, HC6 and HAH1DRW or HAM (high frequency bandwidth up to 300kHz) families can handle the speed needed to meet these requirements.


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Single-phase Sensors

Single Phase Motor Control

Multiphase Sensors

Multi phase sensor motor control


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LEM products meet all quality requirements for the automotive industry and comply with RoHS specifications. All our production and development centers are certified with ISO TS 16949 (in Switzerland and in China). Based on our deep knowledge of applications and current measurement technologies, LEM develops both catalog and customized products which can be perfectly tailored to meet your needs in terms of performance, space requirement and cost.


Discover LEM’s leading technologies for automotive applications. Our automotive expertise does not only cover Battery Management Systems. LEM also provides innovative solutions for motor control and electric vehicles supply equipment (EVSE). Dive into the details and download our brochure for an insightful exploration:

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