CDSR Series

CDSR is a leakage current sensor developed to meet market demand for a residential and commercial charging station, offering a version for single-phase architecture and another for three-phase topology. With a maximum current per phase of 32A rms, the CDSR can be integrated into AC chargers from 3.7 kW to 22kW.

CDSR 0.07-TP / -NP

CDSR Series


  • RCD type B measuring levels
  • Fluxgate Open loop current transducer 
  • Voltage and SPI digital output 
  • Single supply voltage 3.3 V
  • PCB mounting
  • Very low error at small currents measurement
  • High overload capability 
  • High insulation capability 
  • Test winding.


  • Primary current 32 A RMS
  • 150 ± mA AC and DC measuring range
  • ±0.5 mA accuracy at 5 mA AC and DC
  • Dual output with digital com. (SPI) and Analog
  • Test winding
  • < 50 mA current consumption at 3.3V
  • -40°C to 85°C operating temperature
  • DC to 2kHz Bandwidth
  • 8 mm Creepage and Clearance distances Prim. / Sec.
  • PD2 OVC2 (TP) /OVC3 (NP) 300 V UL 840, 4000 m
  • Ratiometric and differential output signal
  • IEC 62752 / 62955 / 61851-1 / UL 2231-1,2


CDSR 0.07-TP product page
CDSR 0.07-NP product page

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Download CDSR 0.07-NP datasheet
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