FHS Series Integrated Current Sensors

The FHS AH integrated current sensor is LEM's latest surface mount design (SMD) open-loop current sensor, relying on the Hall effect principle. It benefits from enhanced sensitivity and accurate temperature stress compensation. It can be used to measure DC, AC, pulsed, and mixed currents. This field sensor is equipped with an Integrated Magnetic Circuit (IMC) which optimizes sensitivity, allowing for a versatile and compact design that eliminates the need for an external magnetic core concentrator. 

This sensor is an ideal choice to measure current flow within a conductor like a PCB track. Strong isolation between the primary circuit and transducer electronics can be achieved using a double-sided PCB, making it a highly effective solution.

Cost-effective, small footprint in a SOIC 8 package



Key Features

  • Hall effect current sensor with Integrated Magnetic Concentrator (IMC)
  • Magnetic field measurement range ±3.3 mT
  • Supply voltage 5 V
  • Low power consumption
  • High bandwidth: 160 kHz
  • Sensitivity range up over to 200 mV/A
  • Isolated current measurement
  • Small footprint with standard SOIC8 surface mount PCB
  • Low cost, Small size
  • Excellent linearity
  • No power loss in primary circuit
  • Internal reference voltage





FHS at a glance

Product name Nominal
sensitivity [mV/A]
range [Apeak]
Magnetic field
measurement range
Supply Voltage [Uc] Bandwidth Temp. range [°C]
FHS AH 600 600 200 mV/A ±3.3 5V 160 KHz -40 to 125°C