LEM makes the voltage measurement more compact

DVC - Compact voltage sensors

The DVC product family comprises a compact range of voltage transducers designed for both industrial and traction applications. Tailored for fully isolated nominal measurements of 1000 V DC, AC, or pulsed voltages, these sensors incorporate galvanic separation between the primary and secondary circuits.

The main advantages of DVC voltage sensors lie in their compactness, lightness (22 g for DVC-P and 57 g for the rest of the DVC family), and robust packaging. DVC transducers are primarily intended for Panel and Rail Din mounting. Conversely, DVC-P allows for PCB mounting.

Every electronic component in the DVC range complies with the latest industrial standards and IRIS requirements for rail traction applications. The DVC components operate using isolation amplifier technology.

DVC – Features and benefits

DVC 1000-x


  • Bipolar and insulated measurement up to 1500 V
  • Current or Voltage output
  • Panel and DIN rail mounting
  • Push-in connections
  • Built-in device
  • Ingress protection rating IP 20

The DVC-UI electronic components come with their own features:

  • Unipolar and insulated measurement from 0 to 1000 V
  • 4-20 mA instantaneous output (unipolar power supply) 

As mentioned earlier, the DVC-P Series is specifically engineered for PCB mounting. It comes with 8 pins and is designed with a 5 V unipolar power supply.

Main characteristics

  • Low consumption and low losses
  • Compact design
  • Very low sensitivity to common mode voltage variations
  • Excellent accuracy (offset, sensitivity, linearity)
  • Fast delay time
  • Low temperature drift
  • High immunity to external interferences. 

Typical applications

DVC sensors are commonly utilized in both railway environments, including fixed installations and onboard trains, as well as in various industrial applications. These sensors are typically found in applications such as:

LEM DVC – Download & Technical Characteristic

ProductDocumentPrimary nominal RMS voltageSecondary Nominal SignalSupply Voltage rangeOp. Temperature
DVC 1000Datasheet
1000 VCurrent15 to 24-40 to 85°C
DVC 1000-BDatasheet1000 VVoltage15 to 24-40 to 85°C
DVC 1000-PDatasheet
1000 VVoltage5 to 5-40 to 85°C
DVC 1000-UIDatasheet1000 VCurrent15 to 24-40 to 85°C


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