LEM enlarges the measuring range of single supplied +5 V current sensors up to 450Apk

LZSR - Solar current sensors

The LZSR product family is tailored for precise measurements of DC, AC, and pulse currents, spanning from 80 to 200 ARMS, all while maintaining galvanic isolation.

LZSR current sensors boast remarkable features, including low offset drift reaching as low as 3 ppm/K, a significant improvement over previous generations utilizing traditional Hall effect chips, along with reference access, overcurrent detection output, and a +5V power supply.

While LZSR-P versions are equipped with apertures for primary conductor insertion, LZSR-TP versions integrate primary conductors for direct soldering onto printed circuits.

Leveraging Hall effect ASIC closed-loop sensors, the LZSR current sensor family delivers high peak measurements, up to three times the nominal value, ensuring dependable and accurate current assessments in various industrial applications.

LZSR sensors are particularly adapted to 70-120kW solar inverters.

LZSR – Features and benefits

LEM LZSR Series current sensors


  • Closed loop multi-range current transducer
  • Voltage output
  • Unipolar supply voltage
  • Internal reference voltage provided on an additional pin
  • Overcurrent detection output (threshold set at 1.93 × IPN) available as standard option on an additional pin
  • PCB mounting for LZSR-TP versions

Main characteristics

  • Measuring range up to 3x primary nominal
  • Very low offset drift
  • Very good dv/dt immunity
  • Unique compact size for all ranges (37.75 × 48.2 × 19.4mm)

Typical applications

LZSR sensors are extensively utilized across diverse industrial applications due to their capacity to accurately measure DC, AC, and pulse currents. Some instances of these applications include:

LEM LZSR – Download & Technical Characteristic

ProductDocumentPrimary nominal RMS voltageSupply Voltage rangeOp. Temperature
LZSR 80-PDatasheet80 A5 to 5-40 to 85°C
LZSR 100-PDatasheet100 A5 to 5-40 to 85°C
LZSR 100-TPDatasheet
100 A5 to 5-40 to 85°C
LZSR 150-PDatasheet150 A5 to 5-40 to 85°C
LZSR 150-P/SP1Datasheet
150 A5 to 5-40 to 85°C
LZSR 150-TPDatasheet150 A5 to 5-40 to 85°C
LZSR 200-P/SP1Datasheet200 A5 to 5-40 to 85°C
LZSR 200-TP/SP1Datasheet200 A5 to 5-40 to 85°C


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