HOB series

A unique combination of short response time and high bandwidth for current sensing in harsh environments

High bandwidth and short response time

Unmatched performance for SiC MOSFET applications

With a market-leading response time of < 200 ns – compared to average response times of around 3 microseconds – the HOB sensors are capable of measuring DC, AC or pulsed current up to 250A. 

At the same time, the HOB product family is ideally suited to wide bandgap (WBG) power electronics use cases and applications that require enhanced immunity to the dv/dt (acceleration) issues that SiC power modules are prone to.

Moreover, the HOB parts offer a high bandwidth (> 1MHz), reinforced insulation with dCp/dCl > 11 mm, and an integrated primary conductor with very low resistance of 60 nΩ.

HOB current sensors utilize open-loop Hall effect technology, making them well-suited for a range of industrial applications. Among those applications stand handheld plasma cutters, welders, DC-DC converters, etc.

HOB – Features and benefits

HOB current sensors


  • Open loop Hall effect multi-range current transducer
  • Voltage output
  • Single power supply +5 V
  • Galvanic separation between primary and secondary circuit
  • Low power consumption
  • Compact design for THT PCB mounting
  • Factory calibrated
  • 4 models to cover 4 nominal currents of 50, 75, 100 and 130 ARMS


  • Low offset temperature drift
  • Creepage / clearance > 11 mm
  • Unique short response time of < 200 ns
  • High cut-off frequency up to 1 MHz
  • Ideal for harsh environments with operating temperature range from -40 °C to +105 °C
  • Lower noise and better dv/dt behavior vs other classical Hall Effect O/L sensors from the market
  • Enhanced immunity

Typical applications

  • AC variable speed drives and servo motor drives
  • Static converters for DC motor drives
  • Battery supplied applications
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
  • Switched Mode Power Supplies (SMPS)
  • Combiner box
  • Solar inverter on DC side of the inverter (MPPT)
  • Plasma cutter, welding
  • Charging station

HOB transducers - Standards compliance

HOB Series
IEC 61010-1: 2017
IEC 61010-2-30: 2017
IEC 61800-3: 2017
IEC 61800-5-1: 2007
IEC 62109-1: 2010
UL 508: 2018

LEM HOB – Download & Technical Characteristic

ProductDocumentPrimary nominal RMS voltageSupply Voltage rangeOp. Temperature
HOB 50-PDatasheet50 A5 to 5-40 to 105 °C
HOB 50-P/SP1Datasheet50 A5 to 5-40 to 105 °C
HOB 50-P/SP33Datasheet50 A3.3 to 3.3-40 to 105 °C
HOB 75-PDatasheet75 A5 to 5-40 to 105 °C
HOB 75-P/SP1Datasheet75 A5 to 5-40 to 105 °C
HOB 75-P/SP33Datasheet75 A3.3 to 3.3-40 to 105 °C
HOB 75-P/SP34Datasheet75 A3.3 to 3.3-40 to 105 °C
HOB 100-PDatasheet
100 A5 to 5-40 to 105 °C
HOB 100-P/SP1Datasheet100 A5 to 5-40 to 105 °C
HOB 100-P/SP33Datasheet100 A3.3 to 3.3-40 to 105 °C
HOB 100-P/SP34Datasheet100 A3.3 to 3.3-40 to 105 °C
HOB 130-PDatasheet130 A5 to 5-40 to 105 °C
HOB 130-P/SP1Datasheet130 A5 to 5-40 to 105 °C
HOB 130-P/SP33Datasheet130 A3.3 to 3.3-40 to 105 °C
HOB 130-P/SP34Datasheet130 A3.3 to 3.3-40 to 105 °C


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