Very high frequency current sensor with patented technology and integrated busbar +/-300A

HAM - Automotive current sensors

The HAM family is for the electronic measurement of DC, AC or pulsed currents in automotive applications with galvanic separation between the primary circuit (high power) and the secondary circuit (electronic circuit).

The HAM family gives you the choice of having different current measuring ranges in the same housing (from ±100 A up to ±300 A).

The HAM 250-S04 is designed for high frequency applications current with high primary current ripple.

HAM automotive current sensors are hall effect open loop sensors. 

HAM – Features and benefits

HAM automotive current sensors

Main characteristics

  • Hall Effect open loop sensors
  • High voltage application
  • Unipolar +5 V DC power supply
  • Primary current measuring range up to ±250 A
  • Maximum RMS primary admissible current: defined by busbar to have T < +150 °C
  • Operating temperature range: −40 °C < T < +125 °C
  • Output voltage: full ratio-metric (in sensitivity and offset)
  • Ferrite material magnetic core allowing high frequency primary current ripple with low self-heating


  • Excellent accuracy
  • Very good linearity
  • Very low thermal offset drift
  • Very low thermal sensitivity drift
  • High frequency bandwidth
  • Non insertion losses
  • Very fast delay time 

Typical applications

HAM current sensors are to be used on automotive applications, especially for automotive motor control:

  • DC / DC converter for fuel cell, for xEV or PHEV
  • DC / AC Inverter

LEM HAM – Download & Technical Characteristic

Product Document Primary nominal RMS voltage Supply Voltage range Op. Temperature
HAM 250-S04


-250 A, 250 A 5 to 5 -40 to 125 °C


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