Non-invasive DC, AC, pulse highly accurate currents' measurements of 4000 ARMS with galvanic isolation

ITL - High Precision Current Sensors

The ITL product family is engineered to enable the measurement of DC, AC, and pulse currents up to 4000 ARMS, featuring galvanic isolation.

ITL is equipped with a 268 mm diameter aperture and is designed for Panel mounting and offers instantaneous current output.

Operating on closed-loop Fluxgate technology, the ITL current transducer family ensures dependable and highly accurate current measurements in industrial applications.

ITL – Features and benefits

ITL high precision current sensors


  • Closed loop (compensated) Fluxgate current transducer
  • Current output
  • Bipolar supply voltage
  • Accuracy Class 0.2S (IEC 61869-2)
  • Ingress protection rating IP54.
  • Measuring range: 3 x IPN = 12000 ApK
  • Overall accuracy: +/- 0.06 % of IPN at +25°C


  • Integrated design
  • Low cost
  • Large aperture (268 mm diameter)
  • High accuracy
  • Instantaneous current output
  • Panel mounting

Typical applications

ITL sensors, with their ability to measure DC, AC, and pulse currents, are commonly utilized in a variety of industrial applications. Some examples of these applications include:

  • HVDC – High Voltage Direct Current (VSC Technology)
  • Medium voltage Power factor correction (PFC) and active filters
  • Small DC component detection in large AC currents (transformer protection)

LEM ITL – Download & Technical Characteristic

Product Document Primary nominal RMS voltage Supply Voltage range Op. Temperature
ITL 4000-S


4000 A 24 to 24 -40 to 70°C


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