Compact and high accuracy voltage sensors for Industrial and Traction applications

CV - Compact and high accuracy voltage sensors

The CV product family is a compact voltage sensor range ensuring high accuracy for industrial and traction domains. It is designed for the electronic measurement of voltages: DC, AC, pulsed...; with galvanic separation between the primary circuit and the secondary circuit.

CV sensors measure voltages up to 7 kV. The typical accuracy is 0.2 % and 1 % for the CV3 and CV4 series respectively. The bandwidth is from DC to a maximum frequency ranged between 10 kHz and 800 kHz, depending on the selected sensor reference. CV voltage sensors generally include the primary resistor as this value is tuned for optimum performance. 

While CV 3 is recommended for low and medium voltage measurements (from 85 to 1400 VRMS with high bandwidth), CV 4 is a perfect fit for high voltage measurements from 2800 to 4242 VRMS with high insulation.

The CV parts are based on the Fluxgate C type closed loop technology. Because of the high sensitivity of the C-type design, the required primary ampere-turns is small, leading to a lower primary inductance and resistance, improving accuracy, bandwidth, and response time.

CV 3, CV 4 – Features and benefits

CV voltage sensors

Main characteristics

  • Excellent accuracy over a broad operating temperature range
  • Low primary power consumption
  • Wide frequency bandwidth and fast response time
  • Excellent fast dv/dt measurement capability
  • Very good immunity against surrounding magnetic fields
  • Very good immunity against common mode voltage variations

Typical applications

  • Measurement of AC voltages in high power industrial inverters.
  • Voltage measurement in electric traction converters (DC and AC).
  • Voltage measurement between phases of power cycloconverters.
  • Calibration benches for power converters and motors.
  • Voltage measurement in photovoltaic plants (precise measurement of the maximum power point).
  • Laboratory measurement instruments: isolated voltage measurement, power measurement for inverters, as an interface with a power analyzer, etc.

LEM CV – Download & Technical Characteristic

CV 3 Series

ProductDocumentPrimary nominal RMS voltageSupply Voltage rangeOp. Temperature
CV 3-1000Datasheet
700 V15 to 15-40 to 85°C
CV 3-100/SP3Datasheet85 V15 to 15-40 to 75°C
CV 3-1200Datasheet840 V15 to 15-40 to 85°C
CV 3-1500Datasheet
1000 V15 to 15-40 to 85°C
CV 3-200Datasheet
140 V15 to 15-40 to 85°C
CV 3-2000Datasheet1400 V15 to 15-40 to 85°C
CV 3-200/SP5Datasheet140 V15 to 24-40 to 75°C
CV 3-200/SP6Datasheet100 V15 to 24-40 to 75°C
CV 3-500Datasheet
350 V15 to 15-40 to 85°C


CV 4 Series


ProductDocumentPrimary nominal RMS voltageSecondary Nominal SignalSupply Voltage rangeOp. Temperature
CV 4-4000Datasheet
2828 VVoltage15 to 15-25 to 70°C
CV 4-4000/SP1Datasheet
2800 VVoltage24 to 24-40 to 70°C
CV 4-4000/SP2Datasheet2800 VCurrent24 to 24-40 to 70°C
CV 4-6000Datasheet4242 VVoltage15 to 15-25 to 70°C
CV 4-6000/SP1Datasheet
4200 VCurrent24 to 24-40 to 70°C
CV 4-6000/SP2Datasheet
4200 VVoltage24 to 24-40 to 70°C


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