LZSR Series

LEM enlarges the measuring range of single supplied +5 V current sensors up to 450Apk

LZSR Series


Main characteristics:

  • Measuring range up to 3× primary nominal (450 A pk measured for the 150 A nominal model (LZSR 150-P/SP1))
  • 100, 150 & 200 A nominal models
  • PCB mounting
  • ASIC based Closed Loop Hall effect technology
  • Low offset drift up to 3 ppm/K of VREF(7 times better than previous generation of C/L Hall Effect current transducers working with traditional Hall effect chip).
  • Unique compact size for all ranges (37.75 × 48.2 × 19.4mm)


  • Operating temperature range: -40°C to +85°C
  • Single power supply +5V
  • Internal reference voltage provided on an additional pin
  • Overcurrent detection output (threshold set at 1.93 × IPN) available as standard option on an additional pin
  • Available either with an aperture for primary conductor (LZSR-P references) or integrating the primary conductor to be soldered on PCB (LZSR-TP references)


  • Particularly adapted to 70-120kW solar inverters

Download LZSR 100-P datasheet
Download LZSR 150-P/SP1 datasheet
Download LZSR 200-P/SP1 datasheet

Download LZSR 100-TP datasheet
Download LZSR 150-TP datasheet
Download LZSR 150-TP/SP2 datasheet

Download LZSR 200-TP/SP1 datasheet