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LEM is a medium-sized company with a global scope.

We currently have 1,530 employees worldwide.

We are dedicated to developing opportunities in new markets with new applications of current sensors. We have production plants in Geneva, Beijing, Sofia, Machida and dedicated

R&D Center in Lyon. With regional sales offices near its customers' locations, LEM offers a seamless service worldwide.

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Our values


For all, at LEM, it is vital to share common values and working principles. All employees are committed to LEM’s vision and work together, in the same direction, to achieve it. These values link all LEM employees with one another, making us a team. They are the spirit and driving force behind everything we do at LEM.

We are customer driven

We succeed by exceeding our customer expectations with a “yes customer” attitude. All our activities are driven by the desire to provide best quality service. We aim to listen, anticipate and respond to our customers’ needs. For this reason, we collaborate closely with them and form true relationships.

We operate with integrity

Basic ethical behavior and integrity in business relationships determine the essence of all our actions. As a company and as individuals, we do the right things right and never compromise our values and principles. We honor our agreements and are transparent in our communications. Our relationships with co-workers, customers, suppliers, partners and the investor community are based on openness and fairness.

We value teamwork

LEM forms a worldwide community. Close collaboration and networking across functions, departments and cultures is critical for the success of the company. We nurture relationships based on sharing, honesty and trust. Accountability is a key factor to our success. We are committed to a workplace where individuals are treated fairly and with respect, where all employees have the opportunity to expand their skills and accomplishments are recognized. Teamwork is more than just working together it is bringing out the best of everyone’s strengths.

We commit

We set our goals high because we know we can reach them. We honor these goals as promises to our customers, our shareholders and ourselves. Our continued success depends on taking responsibility for all our actions. This success is measured by the results we produce in customer satisfaction, sales, profitability, value creation to our shareholders and employee development.

We strive for excellence

No matter how good our products, services, process and results, we are dedicated to making them better. Our customers deserve nothing less than the highest standards of quality. By approaching our daily work with a passion for perfection, rigorously managing risks, taking initiatives, fostering learning and knowledge sharing, we can all make a difference.

We lead innovation

Innovation is the cornerstone of our success and our future depends on it. By thinking out of the box, we adapt to tomorrow’s requirements. We develop a steady supply of innovative technologies, attractive products, new applications and customers. True to our innovative spirit, we aim to be the leaders in our industry and not the followers

What employees are saying



Working At LEM - Bulgaria



Jeff Jia Zhiqiang

Jeff Jia Zhiqiang

Asian IS Manager

As one member of IS Team, I am very happy to work together to face different daily challenges and provide value-added service to our customers

Claudio Podda

Claudio PODDA

IT User Support & Infrastructure Technician

I'm lucky to collaborate every day with people who have different backgrounds. Having to adapt to different cultures is a daily challenge.

Caroline Ravello

Caroline RAVELLO

Automotive Supply Chain Leader

LEM drives great opportunities to bring together Human qualities & Technical strengths with continuous improvement and innovation, combine with supportive environment