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It is considered a top priority for LEM to continuously improve the quality of our products and services to meet and exceed customer requirements.

Our commitment to quality is geared towards satisfying our customers, employees and shareholders with the aim of maintaining our leadership position as the provider of innovative solutions for current and voltage measurement.

LEM – committed to quality products and services.



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ISO IEC 17025 - Calibration (French)

LEM International SA

ISO 14001

LEM International SA

IATF 16949 (LEM International)

LEM International SA

5 year warranty certificate

LEM International SA

ISO TS 22163 (IRIS)

LEM International SA

ISO IEC 17025 - Tests (English)

LEM International SA

ISO IEC 17025 - Calibration (English)

LEM International SA

ISO 9001

LEM International SA

ISO IEC 17025 - Tests (French)

LEM International SA

Tisax Assessment

LEM International SA


Quality & Environment

We design and manufacture high quality and highly reliable products for our customers all over the world.

We have delivered several million current sensors and voltage sensors since 1972 and most of them are still being used today for traction vehicles, industrial motor drives, UPS systems and many other applications requiring high quality standards.

The warranty granted on LEM transducers is for a period of 5 years (60 months) from the date of their delivery.

(not applicable to DCBM, EM4T & EM4TII & TEMA4T & LEMABOX & LZQJ products).

During this period LEM shall replace or repair all defective parts at its’ cost (provided the defect is due to defective material or workmanship).

RMA terms and conditions 
LEM 5 Year Warranty Certificate



Quality & Environment

The European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC) is recognized by the European Commission. CENELEC works with 40,000 technical experts from 19 EC and EFTA countries to publish standards for the European market.

The vast majority of LEM products have been CE certified regarding their electromagnetic compatibility.

View LEM Certifications on UL.com


Environmental Policy

In accordance with its global quality strategy and commitment, LEM engages in an environmental policy to contribute to preserve the environment and to utilize natural resources in a rational way.

LEM has implemented the ISO 14001 standard.

Since December 2003 the LEM Geneva site is ISO 14001.

The LEM China site has been certified in 2006 and our Japanese site in 2007.

Official EU RoHS directive

Official EU WEEE directive

Certificates showing compliance to material regulations ROHS2 are available upon customer request. Please contact your nearest sales agents to get concerned information.

2011/65/EU Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment (RoHS recast)

2012/19/EU on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)

LEM Environmental Policy



REACH is the European Regulation for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals. It entered into force on 1st June 2007 to streamline and improve the former legislative framework on chemicals of the European Union (EU). REACH places greater responsibility on industry to manage the risks that chemicals may pose to the health and the environment.

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has the mission to coordinate the necessary activities of REACH and implement role in the overall process.

In accordance with its policy to contribute to preserve the environment, LEM, as downstream user, commits to be in compliance with REACH obligations, and European End-of life vehicles (ELV) directive 2000/53/EC.

LEM REACH Statement

LEM ELV Statement

ECHA Website


Conflict Mineral Statement

We have implemented procedures designed to demonstrate that the metals our products contain are sourced in accordance with this policy. We require our suppliers to verify and assure in writing there are no Conflicts minerals in our Supply Chain (also included in our Suppliers’ General Requirements)

To support our customers and based on information provided by our suppliers, we can provide Conflict Minerals Reporting Template (EICC/GeSI form) upon request.

We hereby certify to the best of our knowledge that LEM is not buying any metal raw material, products nor assembly that are sourced from the Democratic Republic of Congo Conflict Regions.

Conflict Mineral Statement LEM





When designing high performance products, LEM is committed to respect the environment and the principles of sustainable development. A step further is the concept of Eco-Design.

This approach consists in designing products while limiting their maximum impact on the environment such as:

• human health and safety,

• natural resources: consumption of raw materials and energy,

• ecosystem conservation: pollution of water, soil and air, climate change.

Eco-design Product lifecycle

When using this approach, the whole product lifecycle is taken into account from its early design to its end of life at the moment of its recycling. It is a well-known fact that the design decisions for a product will condition its abilities to impact the environment.

For each step of the product lifecycle, an analysis is performed to keep the design solutions which will contribute to a sustainable environment, by reducing its environment impact as much as possible.

The three stages of the product lifecycle that are screened include:

Design Use End of Life

For each of these stages, LEM has defined rules to respect in order to achieve this main environmental goal:

To design a product with as little impact on the environment as possible throughout its life!

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