HAH3DR Series

The HAH3DR is a three-phase current sensor for automotive high voltage traction inverters in xEVs.

With IGBT and SiC inverter power modules

HAH3DR for xEV Automotive Traction Inverters

LEM Current Sensors

The open loop Hall-based current sensor measures the magnetic field generated by the primary current flowing in a busbar inserted in the sensor slot and delivers a galvanically isolated output proportional to the primary current. The sensor can measure bidirectional DC and AC currents with an output at 0.5 V for -IPN, 2.5 V at 0 A and 4.5 V at +IPN.
With a ratiometric output, the current sensor can share the same power supply as the Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) and prevent further error during the signal conversion due to reference mismatch.

The tightly controlled assembly and calibration of a LEM designed magnetic core with a LEM proprietary ASIC results in low offset, excellent linearity and high global accuracy specified over temperature and over lifetime.

The HAH3DR family has been designed to achieving fast response time, a high bandwidth and withstanding high dV/dt levels required for motor control applications. Because the mechanical integration of the sensor is key for a compact assembly, LEM has developed two distinct designs within the HAH3DR family:

  • The HAH3DR S07/SPx versions are specifically designed to fit within an inverter module such as the Infineon HybridpackTM Drive, with press-fit connection to the gate driver board.
  • The HAH3DR S0x versions are designed to fit on thick busbars and available with a cable connector. S0x versions are specifically recommended to customers who look for a solution where the current sensor is located further away from the inverter module.

HAH3DR Family

hah3dr family



  • Open loop hall effect current sensor
  • Capable of measuring bidirectional AC and DC current
  • Galvanic isolation
  • Ratiometric output
  • Up to 1200 A (1500 A ongoing development)
  • High global accuracy, high linearity, low offset specified over temperature and lifetime
  • Fast response time, high bandwidth
  • Excellent cross talk immunity
  • Rugged against high dV/dt
  • Compact footprint for IGBT and SiC inverter power modules
  • Various mounting options
  • Automotive qualified
  • For traction inverters
  • Quality Managed products suitable for ISO 26262 safety relevant applications within specific conditions
HAH3DR SOx for various busbar configurations



HAH3DR S07/SPx for IGBT and SiC inverter modules

Lead pitch, busbar opening, mounting holes, package height and press-fit connection to the gate driver board, the HAH3DR S07/SPx is designed to perfectly fit standard inverter modules such as Infineon’s HybridpackTM Drive package and other pin-to-pin compatible modules.
The HAH3DR S07 is available in different versions to address specific mounting requirements:




The HAH3DR-S06, S0A, S0D, S0E, S03/SP4 allow for current measurement on different configurations of busbar shape, thickness, and pitch. They also feature a cable connector for direct connection of the sensor output to a control board which may be located further away from the inverter. The larger busbar aperture allows to isolate the busbar with enough clearance and creepage with an airgap or with an additional insulating layer depending on the requirement.
The HAH3DR S00/SP4 offers a through hole connection to the gate driver board if located right on top of the sensor.


Example of busbars inserted into the HAH3DR S03/SP4, insulated with airgap or with insulation layer.


front straight busbar insulation layer in the middle

Example of busbar isolation with an airgap (left and right busbars) and with an insulating layer (center busbar)