DCBM 400/600 energy meter is now UL certified for US and Canada


DCBM 400/600 energy meter is now UL certified for US and Canada

DCBM 400/600 energy meter is a unique Direct Current Billing Meter developed by LEM for fast EV charging stations.
It allows fair and precise energy billing to the charging station’s end user.
And it is now certified by UL as “UL Recognized component for Canada and the United States”.

This means that fast charging station makers in the US and Canada will now have to possibility to use this plug-and-play energy metering solution to accelerate their own UL certification and therefore their time to market.

What is DCBM 400/600 energy meter?


DCBM 400/600 is an original design from LEM’s R&D team to fulfil the needs of fast charging station makers with a plug-and-play energy metering solution that handles all the metrology aspects.
As a 50 years leader in current sensing and measurement, LEM has developed a unique know-how and knowledge of regional metrology requirements.
DCBM 400/600 has been designed to be plug-and-play and to tackle all the challenges that fast charging station makers face:
•    It is certified for Europe and for North America
•    It is state of the art LEM DC measurement
•    It is a proprietary split concept for easy integration in any system 

More data on DCBM

DCBM 400/600 is UL certified for energy metering in EV fast charging stations for North America

certification for DCBM

Getting the UL recognized certification for DCBM (ici lien cliquable avec download du certificat) means a lot to LEM.
It means that all the hard work in mechanical design, software, electronics was of a very high-quality standard.

DCBM 400/600 is UL recognized for the FTRZ category which is the category for Electric Vehicles applications.
To get this certification DCBM 400/600 went through a very rigorous audit focusing on electrical safety (isolation and fire risks) and engaged to be audited again every quarter. 
As DCBM is a complex solution, this certification also means that all DCBM 400/600 components and pieces (and there are a lot) are checked, tested and tracked.

For the UL recognized certification, LEM’s R&D team had to prove that DCBM 400/600 is compliant with ambient operating temperature up to 70°C (158°F) and to go through gate reviews and tests related to the well-known UL 61010 and UL 810 norms : reinforced insulation tests, temperature testing of all the components and subassemblies of the DCBM 400/600, tests of protection against electric chock, durability of markings tests, equipment temperature limits and resistance to heat tests.


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