CAB series

High accuracy and low offset for optimized battery SOC estimation

High accuracy in xEV battery SOC estimation

High accuracy in xEV battery SOC estimation

XEV’s are more and more penetrating automotive passenger car market not only by policy forcing but also thanks to its attractive features like fantastic driving experience. The Li-Ion batteries as propulsion source in XEV have to be carefully managed for safe operation and good longevity as well as maximal performance. Accurate SOC estimation, as the basis to enable effective battery management and consequently the end customer’s satisfaction, derives challenging requirements on high voltage battery current measurement.

CAB series

CAB series

The CAB series, as an automotive grade design, utilize the properties of fluxgate technology, to provide best in industry performance in terms of high accuracy and low offset needed for reliable SOC estimation of Li-Ion batteries. Its CAN interface allows for easy application. Different ranges are provided for different sized batteries. Specifically, the CAB-SF variants are compliant with Functional Safety standard ISO 26262.

Main benefits

  • High global accuracy (<0.5%) and low offset (<50mA)
  • Low drift over temperature range
  • Measurement of bi-directional current up to 1500A
  • Over Current Detection
  • Output signal: high speed CAN (500 kbps), configurable
  • Functional safety capability up to ASIL C (according to ISO 26262-2018 Ed.2)

Main features

  • Fluxgate based measurement
  • Automotive quality standards compliant
  • Unipolar +12V battery power supply
  • Full Galvanic isolation
  • Connector type: Tyco AMP 1473672-1
  • Choice of range: ± 500A, ± 1500A
  • Flexible mounting options (panel or busbar)
  • Low power consumption, no additional cost for heat dissipation during fast charging cycle

CAB 1500, you best choice for Li-ion battery management

CAB series

A new member in the CAB family with extended current range up to ±1500A

  • extremely low offset that enables accurate coulomb counting for SOC estimation of batteries
  • Leading global accuracy performance meeting requirements for battery management
  • ISO26262 compliant current measurement supporting system safety goal up to ASIL C
  • Non-intrusive measuring principle offers full galvanic isolation and compatibility with 800V application

The CAB series available range

The CAB series available range
(NSR = Non Safety-relevant)


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